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Chucks' Auto RepairNobody likes spending an arm and a leg at the pump. What can motorists do to improve gas mileage besides buying a new electric car? There are certainly driving habits that prevent unnecessary fuel loss. The biggest key to fuel efficiency, however, lies in the condition of certain parts under the hood. During your next auto maintenance, have the mechanic examine the following four car parts for improving gas mileage.

1. Mass Air Flow Sensor

This part measures the flow of air into the engine and transmits the data to the engine’s computer, which in turn regulates the transmission, ignition system, and fuel injection. A dirty mass air flow sensor causes inaccurate readings and inefficient operation. Continue Reading

Chuck's Auto RepairDo you know what to do when the ‘check engine light’ shows up on the dashboard? You’ll likely know something is wrong, but what do you do once you pull over? If the check engine light comes on, then your car may have one of the following problems. Needless to say, get your vehicle to an auto repair service ASAP.

1. The Spark Plugs Are Worn

The spark plugs create an ignition that enables the air/fuel mixture in the vehicle’s combustion chamber. Worn sparks reduces fuel economy and can also damage the ignition coils or cause the catalytic converter to become backed up. Continue Reading

Chuck's Auto Repair

Seattle isn’t exactly known for long heat spells, but this summer seems different. Nevertheless, temperatures can easily skyrocket inside a vehicle. Problems with the AC are the last thing you want; otherwise, you’re left with no option other than rolling down the windows. If the AC just isn’t producing as much cool air as it used to, then it’s likely low in refrigerant. While recharging your car’s air conditioner is something you can do yourself, it’s best to take it to an auto service for repairs.

If you feel confident about your DIY skills, though, then follow the steps below. Keep in mind that this guide is for vehicles made in or after 1994. Continue Reading

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