All-Wheel Drive Service

four wheel drive service seattle repairAll-Wheel Drive Service

All-wheel drive service is just like a 4wd system, except for the fact that, like it’s name, the system is full time 4wd. This means that the engine is turning all four wheels at all times. 4wd systems can be selected to 2wd or 4wd by the driver.

Also, All-wheel drive service usually includes servicing the fluids of the following components: front differential, rear differential and the transfer case. (The transfer case transfers the power to all four wheels through the driveshaft). These fluids require routine changing, just like engine oil, but not as often. Typically, you should change these fluids should every 30,000 if using conventional fluids or every 60,000 miles if using synthetic fluids. There are a few exceptions like the Honda CR-V which require changing their differential fluid every 7,500 – 15,000 miles. This is due to problems that develop from the fluid lubrication's breaking down so quickly. Drivers will start to notice noises and/or hard turning in tight corners at low speeds.

We can perform all-wheel drive service for your vehicle at both our North Seattle and Shoreline locations.

Kim G.

Seattle, WA

I was overdue to get my AWD serviced for the winter and as usual, I feel like I always get honest and empathetic service at Chucks. I like all the employees and feel that both my husband and I can talk with them. Also, they're always super accommodating and usually able to help us very quickly when car stuff comes up.