Car Care Package

car care packageCar Care Package

Our Car Care Package Vision: Keeping your vehicle safe, reliable, efficient

If your automobile, light truck, or SUV has begun to subtly suggest that it needs for attention, it has probably been a while since you’ve had it inspected and serviced.

We say this because a vehicle that is routinely well-maintained almost never “asks” for anything. It should be quiet (no knocks, pings or whistles), efficient (gets optimal gas mileage for the model), reliable (no check engine lights, power hesitations or other glitches), smooth on the road (no pulling to the left or right on the straightaway, no clunking or rubbing sounds on curves, no bottoming out when it negotiates speed bumps) and smells fine (no burned oil, wire, hoses, or other scorch-like smells). In a nutshell, well-maintained vehicles should always feel, sound, smell and run just fine!

Prudent car care ensures that your vehicle will last longer, go farther on every tank of gas, and put fewer toxins into our beautiful Pacific Northwest air than do infrequently-serviced vehicles.

Below is a list of our basic and premium car care packages to give you a detailed understanding of what they consist of and when they’re needed.

The Basic Car Care package is the one you’re probably most familiar with: it should be done every three to five thousand miles to make sure your manufacturer’s maintenance requirements are met (so your warranty remains in effect) and because the fluids in your vehicle degrade as the miles and months pass. (Did you know that failing to check, maintain and renew oil every three to five thousand miles is one of the primary reasons why vehicles often require expensive repairs later on? Now you do!) By keeping up with your basic recommended maintenance, you’re giving your vehicle everything it needs to run properly at less expensive and to forestall major repairs as it ages.

Basic and Premium Car Car Packages

Our Basic Car Care package includes the following:

Change engine oil and oil filter

Lubricate chassis (if applicable)

Check fluids

Check tire pressure

Basic inspection

Vacuum interior

Clean windshield

Wipe down dash


Our Premium Car Care package includes all of the above plus the following:

Comprehensive vehicle inspection

Top off fluids

Test battery

Rotate tires

Inspect brakes


Although additional maintenance services may be needed (based on what we find), we will always perform the above services at the recommended intervals for your make and model of vehicle, without fail. Based on the mileage and condition of your vehicle, if we find anything else that should be addressed (at the same time or at a later date) we’ll be sure to let you know. Because your safety is our top priority.

Exemplary Car Care at Reasonable Prices

When compared to car care prices at automobile dealers and many other repair shops in Seattle, you’ll find the prices here at Chuck’s well worth smiling about. Go ahead. Compare. Read our testimonials. Check out our awards and our certifications. When you do, we think you’ll find there is only one choice when it comes to car care in Seattle: Chuck’s! You can purchase a car care package at both our North Seattle and our Shoreline locations.

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