CV Axle Repair

cv axle repairCV Axle Repair

Vehicle CV axles usually last a long time—upward of 100,000 miles. But when they begin to go bad, you need prompt CV axle repair. If you keep driving on a bad CV axle, you run the risk of having one of its bearings freeze up. If this happens you can skid out of control. Or your CV axle could crack causing you to lose a wheel or flip over. So it goes without saying that healthy CV axles are a crucial part of your vehicle.

Symptoms of an Ailing CV Axle

Are you experiencing slight, hard-to-hear clicking noises on the road—especially when you’re turning a corner or accelerating?

Are you experiencing vibration in a wheel as you drive, or does it seem like you’re driving on a wobbly wheel as you go along?

To diagnose whether you need CV axle repair, you can jack up and support your vehicle and then manually move the drive axle up and down. When you do this, there shouldn’t be more than a half inch of movement. If there is, we’re willing to bet you’re nearing 100,000 on your odometer since the last time you addressed your CV axles. Sloppy movement is an indication that your CV axle requires professional intervention.

Another easy way to tell if a CV axle is worn out is to inspect its accordion-type boots for tears or grease leaks. CV axles to fail as the grease flies out (via centrifugal force) while the axle is turning. Once the grease is gone and the road grime and grit get inside the axle bearings, they wear out quickly, causing clicking noises. When you hear that clicking noise, your CV axle is on its last leg and you are on borrowed time: it could break at any time.

When it comes to CV axles, we urge you not to guess and not to wait. If you notice any of the above symptoms, it’s best to have an AAA-approved for total car care, ASE-certified master mechanic inspect and decide what needs to happen to keep you safely on the road. At Chuck’s Auto Repair locations in North Seattle and Shoreline we can make sure the auto, truck or minivan you drive has axles that will support it (and your precious cargo) reliably—so give us a call. 206-526-1069

David H.

Seattle, WA

I came in for a bad CV Axle that was leaking and making noise. The owner is very knowledgeable and honest, he doesn't try to find problems so you will pay more. He also explains why he thinks your car required some services by showing you the parts, and he let you decide whether you want their service or not.