Water Pump Repair

Water Pump Repair

Water is as vital to the life of your vehicle as it is to your own. The water that courses through the pump and various tubes keeps your engine cool and performs other crucial functions. So when your water pump starts misbehaving, you need to jump right on it and arrange for a water pump repair or replacement (usually replaced).

Symptoms of an ailing water pump

If there is water on your garage floor or driveway after you’ve parked it overnight, you may have a leaking water pump. But understand: if the liquid is green your engine is leaking coolant. If the liquid is red, you have a transmission leak.

Also look for leaks around the gasket of the water pump. See moisture? Your pump is losing water.

Or, if your water pump pulley is loose, arrange for an inspection to learn you need to replace it.

With the hood up, listen for a faint or more pronounced grinding noise. If a water pump bearing is failing, you’ll hear it distinctly.

Watch the thermostat warning light on your instrument panel. If your water pump is losing water, the warning light should come on (providing your instrument panel is working properly)

Watch to see if the low coolant light comes on.If it does, your coolant reservoir may be leaking; there may be a leak in the coolant system; or you may need to replace the water pump.

Finally, water pumps will typically start leaking coolant from the weep hole on the pump. The weep hole is at the bottom of the pump shaft which is designed to allow coolant to leak past it when the bushing that the shaft rides on begins to wear down. This leak lets you know know that the water pump is worn to the point of needing replacement.

Please take a few moments and watch our video below that will visually help explain the importance and function of the Water Pump.



On some vehicles the Timing Belt is driving the Waterpump so you should be replacing both at the same time.




If you notice any of these troubling signs or symptoms, it’s time for an inspection and maybe a water pump repair. Please Call Us and arrange to meet our award winning mechanics in North Seattle or Shoreline.

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Chucks Auto Repair was amazing! My car felt brand new. They replaced my water pump on my car that needed to be fixed. I am so thankful that I met this auto repair shop, they never seem to fail ever. Thank you so much for your excellent work. I permanently choose to only have Chuck’s Auto Repair work on my car. Thank you so much!