Greenwood Auto Repair

Greenwood Auto Repair

Greenwood Auto Repair

If you’re in Greenwood—living, working or just visiting—when your vehicle misbehaves or needs servicing, Chuck's auto repair can get you safely and reliably back on the road again. And we have proof!

Backed by two KING 5 TV Best of Washington nominations (most recently in 2013 when we achieved a TOP 5 position in a field of more than 500 contenders) and nearly 300 legitimate customer testimonials, Chuck’s Auto Repair has ASE-certified master mechanics and technicians in abundance, people who get their hands dirty on a daily basis in the service of two generations  (and counting) of happy Seattle-area customers.

Chuck’s is also an AAA-approved-for-total-car-care company. What this means is that you won’t have to schlep your vehicle to multiple auto repair shops if you have multiple issues. We can take care of all of them right here. So you save time, money, gas and frustration when you bring your car, light truck or SUV to Chuck’s for maintenance and repair services. Very, very cool!

And hey, if you’re into comparing Greenwood auto repair shops, compare away! We feel confident that when your careful analysis is over we’ll win your vote. And after we’ve won your vote, we’ll earn your confidence (as we have with many others), because you’ll get a chance to see us in action—listening to you, analyzing your vehicle’s symptoms, and documenting what needs to be done (now and later) to keep you safely on the road.

Our service includes keeping track of the care and maintenance each of your vehicles receives here, so you’ll always know where they are in their maintenance cycles. By keeping track of the things we do on your vehicle, we’re able to discern what will need doing during its 30k, 60k and 90k servicing. For example: we won’t be  changing oil if it has recently been changed or installing a new timing belt or water pump at 90k if these matters were taken care of at 60k. Documentation like this keeps your prices lower, even as it keeps us accountable for providing just the services you need.

So if you’re looking for reputable, reliable auto repair in the Greenwood area, welcome home—we’d love to show you around. 206-526-1069

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