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It’s a given in Seattle or anywhere, that whenever you own an Acura or any other automobile that at some point you’ll need to have it repaired. When your Acura begins to misbehave in any way, the sooner you have it looked at, the better…because catching minor problems before they work their way into major repair challenges can save you money, down time, and the regret of knowing that the problem could have been solved sooner for less money and with a lot less hassle.

Among the most common Acura repair problems that we see here at Chuck’s are in 2003 and 2004 Acura TL models, which have transmission problems more often than the vast majority of other makes and models. If you presently own and operate a 2003 or 2004 Acura TL and are experiencing any of the following symptoms, have it checked out promptly…

1. Difficulty or refusal to go into gear

2. Burning smell

3. Transmission is noisy when vehicle is in neutral

4. Slipping gears

5. Dragging clutch

6. Leaking transmission fluid

7. Check Engine light comes on

8. Grinding (manual transmission) or shaking (automatic transmission)

9. Clunking, humming, or whining sounds

10. Lack of response when you step on the gas pedal

When it comes to Acura repair for the above two models, or for any other Acura model, you can trust Chuck’s Auto Repair to do the job right the first time at more affordable rates than you’ll find at Acura dealers and other reputable auto repair shops in Seattle.

Our reputation speaks for itself. We’ve been among the top-rated Best of Western Washington contest winners for various years here in Seattle. These are accolades we cannot buy; the votes all came from happy customers as a result of the experience they’ve enjoyed here at Chucks Auto Repair. From our friendly helpfulness at our service desk to the dedication and ASE-Certified training of our technicians, to the cleanliness of our facility, the moment you step in the door here, we know you’ll notice a big difference in the way you’re treated when compared to other repair places.

So if you’re looking for reputable, affordable Acura Auto Repair Services, you’ve landed on the right site—take a look around, then give us a call!

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