Auto Repair Basics: What You Should Know


Having car problems can be scary, here is some general information of what you should know:

Regular Maintenance.  You can prevent unnecessary automobile malfunctions just by taking proper care of your car. Be loyal to the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule, and your car will be loyal to you. 

Know The Systems of your Automobile.  Just as your body has systems that must work together for your overall functioning, your car has systems that work together in much the same way.  

OBD Diagnostics.  Your vehicle’s On Board Diagnostics (OBD) feature is basically a computerized system, running throughout your car, that identifies where problems are.  

This happens when a computer designed for Vehicle Diagnostics is connected and communicates with your vehicles OBD. Normally there will be History Codes stored which in turn will tell which general area is having issues.  These Codes are like having a Zip code without the actual address, this is a reason many parts stores offer Free Check Engine Light Check Ups. 


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