Beware of Mobile Auto Services

Some car owners are beginning to use mobile auto services for basic vehicle maintenance. These services are increasing in the Seattle area. If you decide to go this route for repairs, heed this warning to exercise caution. You might be giving money to a scammer.

What Are Mobile Auto Services?

Mobile auto services are exactly what the name implies. They are auto repair companies that operate out of a van or truck and come to your home or business. They perform the same work as most typical auto shops, such as oil changes and 30/60/90k servicing

Why Are We Warning You About Mobile Auto Services?

On the surface, mobile auto companies sound like an ingenious idea because a mechanic comes right to you. However, we are hearing more stories about unsuspecting car owners being ripped off.

In one incident in Florida, a woman paid a mobile auto company $350 for repairs. After the work was done, her car continued to have the same troubles. When she finally brought the car to a traditional auto shop, a technician informed her that no work was ever done on it. The woman later found out the mobile auto company has no working address. Attempts to reach the mobile mechanic by phone were unsuccessful.

Be Cautious of Mobile Services

This isn’t to say that all mobile auto services are fraudulent. However, even if they are legitimate, such services still have limitations. Mobile mechanics have fewer resources and lack of access to some factory scanning tools. This means larger-scale work, such as a transmission rebuild, is out of the question.

We Are a Traditional Auto Service

Chuck’s Auto Repair is a typical brick-and-mortar company, and that’s a good thing. This means we have access to commercial-grade tools and enough working space. Opting for a mobile auto service can be risky business for car owners.

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