Does Your Car Benefit from High Mileage Oil?

You may have heard a lot about synthetic oil and how it’s superior to conventional motor oil. What about high mileage oil? We’ll explain what this oil does and why a mechanic might recommend it in your next oil change.

What Is High Mileage Oil?

High mileage oil is designed for cars with a high reading on the odometer, usually 75,000 miles or more. It’s meant to reduce engine wear and tear, clean out impurities, and revitalize seals.

Typical motor oil lubricates engine parts under extreme heat and friction. It also traps debris to prevent solids from entering the engine. High mileage oil has higher viscosity, allowing it to more efficiently prevent rough metal-to-metal contact.

High mileage oil is meant to address problems found in older engines. One example is the plastic piece around the engine seal, which tends to crack with age. 

Do We Recommend It?

We can’t provide a universal yes or no. Various factors come into play, such as the age, model type, driving conditions, and total mileage of the car. Just because high mileage oil has a better formula does not mean we recommend it in every instance.

Generally, we recommend the switch from regular to high mileage oil when the engine begins exhibiting the following:

  • A decrease in fuel efficiency
  • The engine begins leaking oil
  • The exhaust emits whitish or bluish smoke
  • A slower response from the throttle

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