Common 4×4 Problems: Be Aware of These Typical Off-Road Vehicle Issues

Off-road vehicles like Jeep SUVs are intended for the true off-road enthusiast. However, the rough and tumble they undergo also puts multiple parts at risk of premature wear. Learn of the most common 4x4 problems all owners should be cognizant of.

Why 4x4 Problems Are so Commonplace

Issues tend to occur in or around the suspension. This area has more components in a 4x4 vehicle and have more moving parts. Depending on your off-roading habits, the suspension is exposed to varying degrees of mud and sand.

Let’s have a look at the areas most vulnerable to wear and tear in a typical 4x4.

Steering Parts

Conventional vehicles have a front axle with a U-joint design. When you steer, this part does not rotate at the same consistent speed as is the case with the input shaft. 4x4 cars compensate for this deficiency by using a CV-joint in place of the U-joint. While more efficient, the joint is also more prone to premature failure.

The Brakes

Dirt and mud can lodge in the nooks and crannies in the brake pads and rotors. This can especially be damaging to the brake calipers, where tiny rocks and sediments can cut, chip, and corrode the pads and steel rotors. Brake pads on 4x4s on average have a lifespan about half that of those on a conventional automobile.

Seal Shafts

As suggested in its name, the seals keep oil and fluids in while keeping dirt and debris out. Constant exposure to abrasive materials like gravel can cause seals to erode. Eventually, this leads to a leak and penetration of foreign material.

We Address Common 4x4 Problems

We encourage all 4x4 owners to bring their rugged off-roader to Chuck’s Auto Repair. Off-road trucks and SUVs are designed for navigation under the most formidable terrains. This makes regular maintenance all the more necessary. The common 4x4 problems require professional servicing.

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