Four Fun Car Games for Children

With spring break around the corner, you may be planning a cross-country trip. Be sure to bring your car to an auto service shop for a pre-trip inspection. Once on the road, you should keep your kids entertained. Sure, you can keep them quiet by giving them an iPad. However, we recommend old-fashion car games for children.

Children-Friendly Car Games

1. Spot the Car

This is a common road-trip game where players look for cars of a particular color. For older players, have them identify cars according to model. For example, have them actively look for pickup trucks, with bonus points for Ford F-150s. This is a great way for them to develop automobile knowledge.

2. The Name Game

Name an animal, and have the kids come up with another animal starting with the same letter. For older kids, you can do the same but with geographical areas, TV shows, or celebrities. Players receive a point when the other player can’t come up with a name within 30 seconds.

3. Restaurant Race

Have each person name a restaurant chain like Pizza Hut or McDonalds. The child receives a point whenever you spot that restaurant or a billboard of it on the road. You can also designate half-points for spotting similar locations (i.e. a Domino’s instead of Pizza Hut).

4. The Map Game

This is a great game for developing map-reading skills. Have one child identify a landmark. The other player then has 60-seconds or so to locate that spot.

Stop by Before Your Trip

Bring your car to Chuck’s Auto Repair before leaving for spring break. Lengthy road trips are taxing on any car, including domestic and foreign vehicles. Now is the time to detect parts in need of maintenance. For this trip, come up with car games for children to show kids they don’t need the Internet for entertainment.

Pre-Trip Auto Inspections

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