Independent Repair Shop vs Dealership: Which Is Better?

Many car owners assume that a dealership offers superior repair service over a third-party auto service. Is this true? Consumer consensus may surprise you. We’ll reveal what customers think regarding dealerships and independent repair shops.

Independent Repair Shop and Dealership Comparison

A 2014 annual survey from the Consumer Reports National Research Center revealed a surprising insight. The results showed that independent shops outscored dealerships in multiple areas, including price, timely repairs, customer service, and overall quality. The survey consisted of 121,000 customers who had repairs done at dealerships or third-party shops.

Being an independent repair shop ourselves, we have to admit we were pretty pleased with the findings. According to the report, the biggest complaint from customers at dealerships was the higher cost of repairs. This was especially true for car owners of higher-end vehicles, such as Lexus, Jaguar and Mercedes.

Many car owners went to the dealership for repairs, believing this was the only way to use the warranty coverage. This is not true. Federal law prohibits manufacturers from denying warranty coverage when customers take their vehicle to an independent shop.

Keep in mind that most dealerships can also only perform maintenance on vehicles within their brand. If you own more than one vehicle of different brands, then you have to make arrangements with multiple dealerships.

We perform services on multiple vehicle brands. In essence, we are the single go-to independent repair shop for many Seattle car owners. Just as you have a single dentist or doctor for the whole family, you should do the same for your vehicles.

We Work on Multiple Car Makes and Models

Being an independent shop, we offer competitive pricing compared to dealerships. Regardless of car brand, bring your vehicle to Chuck’s Auto Repair for servicing. Independent repair shops and dealerships are both valid service centers, though the former has more overall satisfied customers.

posted May 17, 2018

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