How to Keep Your Car Cool this Summer

A car cabin, as you probably know, can acquire oven-like temperatures when you park the vehicle outside for hours on end. This summer, make a goal of keeping your car cool by protecting it from the scorching sunrays.

Why You Need to Keep Your Car Cool

A sauna-like interior and hot-to-the-touch steering wheel are just the minor problems. Too much heat can destroy the upholstery and cause it to prematurely fade. The same goes for the dashboard, seat belts, and the doors’ interior fabric. While this doesn’t affect operability, it can be an eyesore.

Follow These Tips to Keep Your Car Cool

Follow these simple practices to keep your car cool when temperatures soar:

· Park your car in the shade whenever possible

· Use a windshield sunshade, preferably the ones with silver solar reflective material

· Protect seats with a seat cover and/or apply a leather conditioner

· Keep the windows open an inch. This will ventilate the cabin while preventing would-be thieves from making any moves.

· Tint your window. Most tinting material provides UV ray protection

· If you have time, open all the doors and leave them open for a few minutes before starting the engine.

What About the AC?

Of course, you’re going to be liberal with the air conditioner during this time of year. Have a mechanic inspect this component. Factors like moisture buildup in the evaporator can cause mold growth. The AC air blows the spores into the cabin. Since a car cabin is much smaller than a room in a home, the presence of mold is far more detrimental for someone who is allergic.

Don’t Neglect a Summer Checkup

Bring your car to Chuck’s Auto Repair for a road trip inspection. Components, such as the radiator, the battery, hoses, and tires absolutely need to be in tip-top shape in midst of the summer heat. Keeping your car cool protects every part from the leather upholstery to the engine.
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Pre-Road Trip Vehicle Inspection for the Summer

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