Does Your ‘Moon Car’ Need Maintenance?

Is your vehicle a ‘moon car’? Don’t know what a moon car is? This is simply a slang term for describing a car that has more than 250,000 miles under its belt. That is roughly the same distance from the Earth to the moon, hence the name. At that mileage, your car requires special care and maintenance.

Mileage Span of Modern Cars

Modern cars usually begin to require major repairs after the 200,000-mile mark. Older models without the modern embedded computers begin to break down after 100,000 miles. Some car owners have reached up to 500,000 miles—enough to reach the moon from Earth and back!

Care Tips for Moon Cars

If you plan on buying a moon car, see if the seller will agree to a buyer’s inspection. If you currently own a moon car, then be sure to inspect these components:

  • Timing belt—A timing belt that snaps can lead to costly repairs. Check the timing belt for fraying and worn edges.
  • Belt tensioner—You may need to replace the tensioner along with the timing belt. Worn springs inside the tensioner can cause the belt to jump and vibrate.
  • Rust—Older cars likely have some degree of rust damage. Rust can eat away at metal surfaces of vital parts, such as the exhaust system and engine block.
  • O2 Sensor—Moon cars have burned roughly 10,000 gallons of fuel over the course of their lives. The combustion byproducts can pile on the sensor and affect its reading on fuel mixture changes.

We Service Moon Cars

Owning a moon car means you took good care of your vehicle. However, the car now needs even more special care. Bring the car to Chuck’s Auto Repair to keep it running past its prime. Owning a moon car is a cause for pride, but with it comes maintenance responsibilities.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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