What to Do When You Experience Power Steering Failure

Power steering is an automotive innovation that makes one aspect of driving almost effortless. Without it, it would require far more muscle power to manipulate the steering wheel. Unfortunately, like any other automotive component, this system can experience issues. Here are some of the symptoms of power steering failure and how best to respond.

Symptoms of Power Steering Failure

The obvious symptom is that the wheel will be harder to turn. Usually, it will still turn, though it will require far more muscle power on your end. This is often a sign of low power steering fluid. You may also hear a whining and squealing noise as you turn the wheel. Yet another symptom is a grinding noise when you start the ignition. This is typically a sign of a faulty steering fluid pump. A routine car maintenance appointment will reveal the cause.

Causes of Power Steering Failure

As mentioned, low power steering fluid is the most common cause power steering failure. This may be because you haven’t changed the fluid or because there is a leak. It’s also possible that the fluid is contaminated or that the hydraulic system is corroding. While less common, you may also have a broken belt. The belt connects the steering pump to the engine crankshaft.

How to React

You can continue to drive, though you should pull over when safe to do so. Keep in mind that pulling over will require more strength than normal as you turn the wheel. Once safely on the shoulder, turn off the engine and restart the ignition. If you can steer the wheel again like normal, then drive to the nearest mechanic. If the problem persists, then call a tow truck.

We Diagnose Power Steering Troubles

The power steering system is an integral component in all modern vehicles, yet it is often taken for granted. Steering failure can make driving less safe. Bring your car to Chuck’s Auto Repair if you suspect a power steering failure.

Power Steering Checkup and Restoration

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