Welcome to 30/60/90K Plus Automotive Truck and SUV Service Page! You’re at the right place if you want some guidance on how often your vehicle needs service and maintenance. After all, every driver is different – what works for one may not work as well for another! In particular, Seattle city drivers tend to put lots of wear-and-tear on their vehicles that require more frequent servicing than recommended in most owner's manuals. So, take a look around our info section we make it easy to go with confidence knowing when your car might be due its next checkup or oil change.

Looking to make sure your vehicle is in peak condition? Major Mileage Service Appointments are like an annual check-up for your car and offer the perfect opportunity to get it inspected and serviced (or repaired) - no menu pricing required! When you bring us your ride, we'll take a look at what needs attention on the rack and provide service or repair at one all-inclusive cost. Let's keep that engine running smooth!

Every car is unique and needs customized maintenance, no matter if it's just been driven 30,000 miles or has much more milage or years under the hood! To make sure you don't end up 'doubling-up' on work done unnecessarily we suggest having an inspection of your set of wheels first. This way you can get an exact picture for what’s needed to keep them rolling along reliability for many thousands more miles. Sounds like a road worth taking doesn't it?

At Chucks Auto Repair in Seattle, we don't believe in the 'one-size fits all' approach - when it comes to taking care of your car at its 30/60/90K Plus checkup. It's not just an oil change and a few air filters; you can be assured that dealing with us is tailored according to what YOUR vehicle needs - for how YOU drive! We promise you won’t have any cookie cutter recommendations for service or repairs.

Keeping safe and sound on the roads is a priority at Chucks Auto Repair. We understand how it can be easy to miss an anomaly if you're waiting until your 30/60/90K Plus pit stop, so give us call whenever anything suspicious comes up. Chances are we'll catch any issue with plenty of time before a major failure for our customers – after all, that's why we have such a loyal customer following. We keep safety first with honest mechanics who want you in a solid car without breaking the bank purse-strings!

At Chucks Auto Repair in Seattle, you can be confident that your vehicle is being seen by experienced auto professionals. Our AAA-approved and ASE certified master mechanics have received rigorous training and know how to get the job done right! If it's time for regular maintenance services like a 30/60/90K Plus service mileage, don't hesitate to give us a call - our friendly staff in Seattle will take great care of you.

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