Ignition Switch Won’t Turn: What’s Going On?

You may have an instance when you try to start the car but the ignition switch won’t turn. Fortunately, the issue is easy to diagnose and fix. Here are some of the reasons why the ignition switch refuses to turn and some ways to fix it.

1. Locked Steering Wheel

In many cars, the steering wheel automatically locks when you remove the key. In some instances, the key may also become stuck in the ignition due to this locking mechanism. If this happens, gently move the wheel back and forth while trying to turn the key. This should be enough to relieve the lock pressure.

2. Faulty Ignition Lock Cylinder

Problems with the ignition lock cylinder itself may cause the ignition not to turn. This may be due to an obstruction inside the key cylinder. Look inside the cylinder using a flashlight. You may be able to see the obstruction, such as small piece of metal debris. You may be able to remove obstructions using compressed air.

Another potential problem may be a jammed pin or spring inside the ignition lock. An auto service will need to examine the component and loosen the pin and spring.

3. Worn Key

The problem may be with the key itself. If it’s bent in any way, it may not line up perfectly inside the ignition cylinder. If you suspect a warped key, try using a spare key if you have one. If the spare works, then your main key is definitely the culprit. If you need a new key, simply record your car’s VIN number and head to your local dealership.

Ignition Won’t Turn? Come to Us

If you still can’t get the ignition to turn after multiple attempts, then have your car towed to Chuck’s Auto Repair. We perform inspections on components like the ignition switch and the starter. If the ignition switch won’t turn, then your vehicle may require a professional diagnosis.

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