Shock or Strut Repair:
If your car is starting to feel like a wild roller coaster ride, it could be time for shock/strut repair! It might just need some tender love and care from one of the Chucks Auto Repair in Seattle expert mechanics. Rumbling down the road? Tired tires cupping prematurely? Uncontrolled swaying when turning corners or braking quickly? All signs that may indicate you’re due for shocks/struts replacement - let us take a look before things get too out of control. As AAA-approved & ASE certified professionals, we'll make sure your vehicle gets back in tip top condition soon!

What shocks do:
Tired of bumpy rides? Then you need shocks for your car! At around 60,000 miles the comfort in your vehicle begins to decline. Shocks are designed with one goal - smooth sailing all the way. They keep away vibrations and bumps from travelling through your tire helping provide maximum safety and a more relaxed drive experience. Don't forget to check out what is recommended by manufacturers yearly in order to maintain optimum performance while driving… Your ride will thank you later!


What struts do:
Keep your car's wheels connected to the road with proper struts! Front-wheel drive vehicles usually feature a McPherson strut suspension system like coil springs and shocks in one package. Strut maintenance can be pricier, but they last much longer than just regular shock absorbers - so treat them right by inspecting them yearly (check out your owner’s manual to make sure).

Coil springs:
When you come for a check-up at Chucks Auto Repair in Seattle, our ASE certified master mechanics have got your back! Your vehicle's coil springs are essential to keeping it responsive and comfortable on the roads of Seattle. Regular maintenance is key: make sure you get these checked out every year with us so nothing unexpected comes up down the line. And don't push those bouncy tires around town like rocks...take care of them today! Experience a bump-free journey with us! Give us a call and let's get you back on the road again.

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