Summer Maintenance Tips for 4×4 Cars

Summer off-roading is an amazing way to see some of North America’s greatest natural wonders. Your off-road vehicle goes through more than the normal amount of wear and tear for obvious reasons. Before embarking on your next excursion, pay attention to these maintenance tips for a 4x4 car.

Oil Change

All cars require interval oil changes. However, this is especially vital for 4x4s. Off-road use puts a lot of stress on the engine. Several driving modes also use a lower gear to increase torque. This makes the engine work harder, leading to greater oil sludge.

Tire Balance and Rotation

The transfer case undergoes tremendous wear and tear if tire balance or rotation is even just a bit off. Properly balanced and rotated tires help to distribute the weight evenly around the CV axle.

Air Filter Change

Off-road surfaces are full of dirt and other pollutants. Those contaminants build up over time and clog the filter. In turn, this seriously compromises engine performance. Always follow filter change intervals on your vehicle’s manual. However, more frequent changes may be necessary if you take the vehicle for frequent off-trail excursions.


Bumpy and uneven roads can cause suspension damage. If the ride feels rougher, or if the vehicle nosedives during sudden braking, then you may have suspension damage. Bring in the vehicle for a suspension inspection even if the vehicle has a skid plate.


Potholes abound in the off-trails. Your shocks and struts need to be up to the task. Worn shocks affect the steering and may even break through the vehicle’s body. If driving through uneven roads feels especially bumpy, then you may have damaged shocks.

We Perform Maintenance on 4x4 Vehicles

Washington is home to many off-road destinations. Before driving off, bring your vehicle to Chuck’s Auto Repair. These maintenance tips for 4x4 cars are not mere suggestions; they’re vital for a vehicle’s health and integrity.

4x4 Vehicle Maintenance

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