Winter Car Care: Winterize Your Vehicle for the Cold Season

chucks auto repairNow that winter is here, take extra precautions to keep your vehicle running at its peak. Cold weather can cause hard starts, pings, rough idling, and degrade overall performance. Here are some winter car care tips to keep your automobile running efficiently in cold weather.

Check the Battery

A car battery only has about half the cranking power at 0 degrees Fahrenheit that it does when its 80 degrees. Granted, it doesn’t get this cold in Seattle, but this doesn’t mean you should negate checking your battery. For a conventional battery, remove the caps and check the fluid levels. Add distilled water if it’s low. For maintenance-free batteries, check the charge level located at the “window” on the top.

Check the Oil

Cold weather thickens the oil, turning it into sludge. This makes it more difficult for the engine to turn over. If the car is due for an oil change, take it to a mechanic. If you choose to do it yourself, then use a formula like 5W-20 or 10W-30. The “W” indicates the oil is formulated for winter use.

Check the Exhaust

It’s especially important that you inspect the exhaust system for a leak. A carbon monoxide leak is especially dangerous in the winter since the CO can become trapped in the cabin with the windows fully rolled up. If you hear a hissing or popping noise coming from the muffler when the car is running, then you likely have an exhaust leak.

Let Us Winterize Your Vehicle

Leave the auto maintenance to Chuck’s Auto Repair. We’ll perform a complete inspection to ensure your car is fully prepped for the ensuing cold. Winter car care is not a step to be neglected, especially if your car has quite a few miles under its belt. Call Chuck’s Auto Repair today.

Full Vehicle Inspection and Winterization

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