Winterizing tips for 2015 from Chucks Auto Repair

Check your battery.

Car batteries will typically last from 5-7 years, so its important to keep track of how old yours is.  Winter months can be tough on your battery, so make sure to get it checked. If it is bad, be sure to replace it with a good quality battery. This way it will more than likely last you 5-7 years. Economical batteries tend to fail often and prematurely. Interstate, AC Delco and other OE batteries last the longest and are much more reliable. Batteries from auto parts stores, big chain outlets and the like tend to focus on a cheaper battery to serve more customers but they tend to fail too often.

If your battery isn't that old, it's still good to take a look and make sure nothing's wrong. check the battery cables and clamps for fraying or corrosion. If there's a powdery substance around the clamps, that's corrosion from battery acid. That's bad.  Make sure to get that taken care of immediately by taking in to your local repair shop. (Here's a tip: you can clean that off yourself with baking soda, warm water and a steel tooth brush!)

It's also important to have the battery fluid level checked. Have a local auto repair shop check that for you as they are testing your battery for the winter. (Here's a tip: you can check and fill it yourself but popping the caps off the top of the battery and checking the fluid level. The fluid level should be just below or at the bottom of the top case of the battery or the bottom of the cap. Be sure to use distilled water when topping off a battery. For safety, use gloves and eye protection!)

Have a safe winter!

From Chucks Auto Repair

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