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Dodge repair in north Seattle and ShorelineWhen it comes to Dodge repair in Seattle, Chuck’s Auto Repair is swimming in happy customers and glowing testimonials.  Thanks to countless customers who are happy to sing our praises far and wide. You nominated us for King 5 Best of Western Washington auto repair shops.

Here’s a list of the common Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler vehicles that we work on: Caravan, Grand Caravan, Voyager, Grand Voyager, Town & Country, Ram, Challenger, Charger, Spirit, Neon, 300, Stratus, PT Cruiser, and Cirrus.

Common repair issues for Dodge makes and models include (on older cars with carburetors) the distributor cap and rotor, vacuum hoses, spark plugs, carburetor tuning, and the carburetor itself. Cars with auto-feedback carburetors can have sensor and wiring issues. On older cars with distributors, common idling and stalling problems can be caused by the distributor cap and rotor, by the manifold air pressure sensor, by faulty or improperly-gapped spark plugs, and/or by the Hall Effect sensor. Inconsistent idling speeds are often the result of faulty throttle position sensors. And leaky fuel injectors can cause your vehicle to guzzle gas, compromise your vehicle's power, and cause you to fail fuel emissions standards tests. We also see 4-speed transmission issues in some vehicles. The popular Plymouth Neon frequently has instrument cluster issues.

Whatever the issues are with the model you drive—transmission, brakes, check engine light— our professionally-trained, certified mechanics in North Seattle and Shoreline can discern them and let you know what we can do to keep you on the road—or to get you back on it. AAA approved, ASE certified, and emissions certified, we hope you’ll consider us your one-stop-shop for all things automotive. We offer a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty on all repairs for parts and labor. But our over-arching goal is to repair your vehicle with quality parts and labor, so our work will last as long as the originally-installed piece did.

When it comes to the safety of your vehicles, we want to take as good care of your family as we do for our own . After all, they carry your most precious cargo. Call today to schedule the repairs you need for your Dodge vehicle. 206-526-1069

Dodge Repair

Angela K.

Seattle, WA

The staff was efficient in contacting me every step to ensure my Dodge Caravan would be fixed in a timely manner. Great customer service and fair prices! I have already recommended you to my friends, family and colleagues!