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Saturn repair   Saturn Repair in Seattle and Shoreline

Saturn repair in north Seattle and ShorelineLike so many others, you own a Saturn. And Saturn’s out of business. So you fret: how long will it be until you can’t get the parts for a Saturn repair or the service you need to keep your Saturn running?

Here’s your answer: Not for a long, long time. Not as long as Chuck’s Auto Repair remains in business. And since we’ve been here since 1982, we won’t be going away any time soon. Many thanks to generations of returning customers who sing our praises everywhere they go.

At our locations in North Seattle and Shoreline, we have the skills and the access to Saturn parts that you need now. And, we don’t anticipate we’ll be running out of them in the foreseeable future. Our supply houses have assured us that they have enough parts to fulfill our Saturn owners’ needs until the vehicles themselves become relics.

Best of all, our mechanics love repairing Saturn models. According to, the most common Saturn repair problems (in descending order) occur in the Ion, Aura, Vue, SL2, SL1, SC2, L200, SC1, L300 and SL.

So if you own a Saturn, relax. You won’t need to worry about trading it in or looking for a replacement for it any time soon. But do call, right now, to schedule an inspection if you have a sneaking suspicion that some kind of Saturn repair or service is in your immediate future. The quicker you can fix whatever is bothering you, the likelier it is that your repair bill will be lower than if you wait and allow whatever is happening to get worse.

For reliable, cost-conscious Saturn repair, call us today. 206-526-1069

Saturn Repair

Cindy P.

Northgate, WA

Our little Saturn is a pleasure to drive again. You fixed our leaky brake cylinder and took care of a few other minor details -- all in one day! Your shop is outstanding! Thanks so much for your great service.

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